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Activities Resources Added

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I added an Activities section.  I’ve used all of these websites at one point or another while planning our upcoming trip.  Since I’m a big fan of offbeat non-traditional travel, a lot of the resources are more indie in nature but they should be a good starting point for planning out your own travels.  There are lots of fun sights and spaces beyond the usual touristy spots to explore provided you know they’re there in the first place.

However, I always think the most interesting spots are the ones I accidentally stumble upon, like the used bookstore in an alley in Edinburgh which had the most fabulous vintage rare-books collection or Calico Ghost Town, where we headed based off information on a yellowing flyer behind a forgotten glass display case.  Fun adventures lie around every corner (provided basic safety precautions are taken).

I’ve added a couple more resources in the Transportation and Lodging sections.  I still have a whole lot of resources to sort through  plus a couple more sections to add, but the links up right now will take care of the basics.