Welcome! Ready to take off on your next great adventure? Check out all these great travel resources gathered together and organized in one place. Happy planning!


Transportation is how to get from Point A to Point B, whether that’s by plane, train, car, boat, walking, or some other unique contraption.


Airfare Watchdog: A team of airfare experts looking for good flight deals and can alert you to a deal through email.  Also has some great information on the different airlines like route maps and fee policies.

Hipmunk : Flight search results are presented in a visual “timeline” so that it’s easy to compare to each other.  Also, they’re rated on an agony factor based on number/length of stopovers, prices, length of flight, etc. Also searches hotels.

Kayak:Aggregates all the booking sites (orbitz, cheaptickets) as well as the airline companies themselves into one quick search.

Matrix: ITA Software’s Matrix is the software that powers Orbitz, Kayak, CheapTickets, and lots of airlines and travel agents’ tools. But you can skip all their ads and come-ons and search Matrix itself for the no-nonsense scoop on flying cheap.

Route Happy: Gives happiness scores to flights based on aircraft quality, amenities, and flyer ratings.  However, may not find many flights and it doesn’t give prices, so you’ll have to use another flight search like Kayak or Hipmunk to find the good prices.



Airline Fee Breakdown: Someone at USA Today researched and compiled all the fees charged by U.S. airlines, from check-in through landing, in a series of charts. This article was in 2011 so the information might be a bit outdated but take it as a heads-up for fees to watch out for when purchasing airfare.

Airfare Watchdog: A list, compiled in 2012, airline by airline, of fees for checked bags on major US airlines specifically for domestic economy class travel.

Farecast: Farecast gathers data from all over the web so you can find out if airfare for a certain trip is rising or dropping over the next 7 days to plan your ticket buying.

Has Wifi: Let’s you know if a particular airline or flight has wifi

Inflight Feed: Information on airline food.  You can search by airline and read reviews other people have on the inflight meals.  They also link to the airline’s website for their inflight menus.

Seat Guru: Great source of reviews on different planes for different airlines for airplane seating, in-flight amenities, and other information.  They have diagrams with notes on good (and bad) seats along with plane layouts.

Yapta: Yapta notifies you when prices for a flight drop even after you purchase tickets for a chance to get a refund and email you notifications when a seat that is redeemable for reward miles comes available.  They can even haggle with the airline for you for a small fee.



Seat 61: Mark loves travelling by trains and he imparts every single piece of information you could possibly want on railway travel around the world

! Wanderu: searches and books inter-city transportation on buses & trains throughout the US (%)



Getaround: Peer-to-peer car rental site which, right now, is on the US West Coast only but will be expanding (%)

! Hubber: peer to peer car rental. Starting in LAX (though expanding into San Francisco soon), travelers can park their cars at LAX and rent it out to others visiting Los Angeles. Not only do they earn $20-$30/day, they receive free parking at the airport. (%)

Ridejoy: Car-sharing site where you post your travel plans, the site finds someone going there anyways, and you get a ride as long as you split trip expenses.  US West Coast only but will be expanding in the future (%)


Other Transportation

Spinlister: Peer-to-peer bike-renting service from people across the US (%)


!: New
$: Costs Money
*: Affiliate
^: Personally Used & Liked
?: Possibly Inactive
%: US only